Social Media and StorySelling, Part 2: Back to the Future

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“In the insightful book Winning the Story Wars, Jonah Sachs  makes a compelling observation that with the emergence of social media, humans are going back to our storytelling roots.”

“The concept of “the survival of the fittest”  is important for marketers today.”

“During the oral tradition, if you told a compelling story, that’s the message that was shared. If your story sucked it didn’t live on.”

“In the broadcast era, it was the battle of the richest. If you spent enough dollars, you could get your message out to the masses regardless of the quality.”

“Anyone who has been involved in social media recognizes that we’re back to “survival of the fittest” era. The Twittersphere or Facebookers will decide whether it’s a compelling message.” by Cameron Uganec

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Ken Jondahl‘s insight:

In part 2 Camron expands on how the "fittest survive" discussing how quality content which is story based gets shared. This is content built, posted and tracked by HootSuite.

He trickles in the idea of using more time and resources to build content and less resources on media placement. Pointing out a paid component is critical, but more on this in an upcoming post.

Make sure to watch the HootSuite video "Social Media is Sweet". Anything which has received over 185,000 views must connect in some way out there in social land.

There is also a Ted video with Jonah Sachs discussing the movement from the broadcast era to the digitorial era. Which is definetly worth watching if you are in sales and marketing.

As Jonah points out very clearly, there is a fine line between "broadcasting" and telling a compelling story which resonates with your tribe on social media.

Watching the video it reminds me, if you want a very simple test before you post something on line. Prior to posting, ask this question. Who is the hero in the story? If it is your company, not the customer, start over.

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