How Can a Scientists Story Help Me?

Stories are the best vehicle for communicating your work.

“Everyone loves a good story, so why do so many scientists shy away from story-telling when discussing their work? Part of the problem could be that we think of stories as fiction, and story-telling as the art of drawing people into a fictional reality.”

“Not true. “The story is a vehicle for a message,” said Brian Lin, Senior Media Relations Specialist at the University of British Colombia, and communications strategist Andy Torr.” –  Catherine de Lange

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Ken Jondahl‘s insight:

Here is an article to read which allows us to walk in another professions shoes.

Most everyone has read a research paper in science and walked away confused. Learning about how the boring research was completed. And to think, all we wanted to know, “What’s the Point?”.

Now go read a few white papers and/or case studies in your industry. (Not your own companies.) What do you think the industries customers are thinking as they read the same words?

There are times it makes sense to use a typical case study/white paper in the buy-sell cycle. Such as in the proof stage. However, the prospect-customer already has a vision of how to use your products services. They want the details as proof.

My recommendation, rebuild your case studies/white papers into decent oral stories. Now your sales people have something to tell during the discovery phase of the buy-sell cycle. During the time all the customer really wants to know is “What’s the Point?”